How do I set up a giveaway on Facebook using Rafflecopter?

Setup only takes 2 minutes! We've released an *official* Rafflecopter Facebook app that allows you to easily set up and run giveaways on your Facebook pages. After you create your giveaway widget in your Rafflecopter dashboard, you'll be taken to the 'installation tab'. There, click on the 'Run on A Facebook Page' and follow the directions. If you're having trouble as you go, refer to this troubleshooting article here.

For a visual on how this looks from your 'embed' page, check out the below image:



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    Rose M Andersen

    I have 2 different fan pages on Facebook I want to run a promotion for can I install the app on both pages and run 2 different promotions without them interfering with one another?

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    Hey Rose - you can definitely run two separate giveaways on two fan pages w/o your promotions interfering with one another. That shouldn't be a problem :)

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    Michelle Lacusta

    Can I install one giveaway on two different FB pages? The giveaway I am planning is being co-hosted by two brands.

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    Hey @Michelle - You bet!  You can run a giveaway on as many Facebook Pages as you'd like.  

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