Installing Giveaways on Typepad

Learn the steps of embedding and running a Rafflecopter giveaway on the Typepad platform as well as a handful of other helpful Typepad tips and tricks.

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Embedding an entry form on Typepad

  1. On your giveaway's Installation Tab, copy the entry form embed code by clicking the copy button to the right of the embed code

  2. From the Typepad blog post page, select the HTML tab and paste the code into the content area. 

Typepad tips and tricks

  • If you make a changes to your giveaway details after embedding the entry form (prize image, start/end times, actions), the entry form will update automatically without the need for you to embed a new code.
  • If you make a changes to your giveaway theme after embedding the entry form, the entry form will have to be replaced with a new entry form embed code. No entries will be lost using a new entry form embed code.
  • The entry form will not be displayed if you switch back to the Rich Text tab or Preview the post. Don't panic. The entry form will display correctly when the post goes live.

About Typepad

Typepad is a hosted blogging service that has multiple author support, photo albums and mobile blogging. There offer paid plans along with a free trial.

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