Does Rafflecopter Offer Annual Subscriptions?

Yes, we do! We offer a discount on any of our three paid plans - Basic, Grow, and Premium - when you subscribe for a year. Visit our pricing page to see the features for each plan. When you decide one of the paid plans is right for your needs, use the annual subscription to take advantage of a 25% discount on the plan you choose. That's like getting 3 months for free! 🤑

The annual plan is billed once a year at the discounted rate and automatically renews at the end of the plan year.

As with all other Rafflecopter plans, you are in control of your plan, and we want you to be happy. Should you need to upgrade your plan while on the annual subscription, you can do that through your dashboard. Likewise, if you need to downgrade your plan due to unforeseen changes, you can also do that. Review the refund policy.

Like always, we’re ready to help. Send us an email at and we’ll see what we can do to help you!

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