Where can I install the Rafflecopter widget?

Pretty much anywhere! Rafflecopter's widget code is a two-line javascript snippet. It works wherever HTML is accepted. Paste the Rafflecopter widget code in the location you’d like the entry form to appear - it's that easy :) Here's a video that shows where you'd get the widget code after creating your giveaway:



Embedding a Rafflecopter widget code is just like embedding a YouTube video on your site. Simply copy and paste the above code where you'd like the giveaway to be run and you're up and accepting entries!

Planning on running your giveaway on Facebook? We also have a Facebook app as well. While it's been asked a few times, there isn't any way to embed a Rafflecopter widget on YouTube unfortunately.

For further clarification on the Installation tab, you can check out our video tutorials.

Next question: Can I host my giveaway directly on Rafflecopter.com?

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    Rick Van Ness

    I'm not sure my widget column is wide enough for your widget if I include a picture in it. Will it scale to fit? Or, would it work without a picture?  (P.S. You have one of the BEST websites, and I look forward to running some raffles!)

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    Hey Rick - The width of all Rafflecopter widgets are universally set at 400px wide. The widget's height is determined by the number of entry options and additional features in your promotion.  

    Great to hear you're excited to run your first giveaway :)  Please don't hesitate to get ahold of us at support@rafflecopter.com if we can be of any further assistance! 


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    Su Cowell

    If the competition isn't up and running will anything appear.  I've tried adding the code as an HTML fragment on my website but I just get a 3 coloured logo and the phrase 'One giveaway shaken not stirred'  Am I doing something wrong?  Thanks

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