Can I upgrade to a paid subscription for just one month?

Definitely! Here's an example: if you buy a subscription on June 24th, and cancel anytime between when you bought the subscription and July 24th, you'll only be charged for that one month & will have access to all the premium features through July 24th. It doesn't matter if you cancel your subscription the moment after you purchase or on July 23rd.

Rafflecopter's paid features run at a monthly subscription fee of $13/mo for the Basic subscription, $43/mo for the Grow subscription, and $84/mo for the Premium subscription. Our subscription works the same way as Netflix, Hulu, or Spotify would, where you'd get billed each month. If at any time you want to cancel, you can do that directly from your account settings page with one click.

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    Krista Henderson

    I want to run my contest from May 11, 2015 to June 8, 2015.  I will "upgrade" to the Business Subscription on May 10th to set everything up, and would only want it for 1 month ending June 10th.  But what happens after my contest ends, and on June 10th, I still don't have my potential winner verified.  Do I have to purchase ANOTHER business subscription month, just to close out and declare my winner? Or can that be done under the basic subscription?

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    Hey Krista - you should be good to go with just one month for the scenario you described. The functionality surrounding picking and verifying a winner doesn't require you to have a paid subscription. You could do that under the basic or free subscription if you'd like. Hope that helps!

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