How does Rafflecopter charge monthly?

Just like Netflix. When you sign up for a premium subscription, your credit card information will be stored off-site, encrypted, and protected. We use as our trusted payment processor. 

Similar to a Netflix, Spotify, or Hulu subscription, your premium subscription will be set to recurring billing on a monthly basis at the price of the package you signed up for unless you decide to stop your monthly subscription. As long as your Rafflecopter premium subscription is active, your account will be charged each month.

If you upgrade to a higher priced subscription during the middle of the month, your charge will be pro-rated based on your billing cycle and how long you'll be on the new subscription for. For example, if you upgrade to the basic subscription ($13/mo) for the first time and then immediately upgrade to the premium subscription ($84/mo), you'll be charged $13 for the basic subscription and $71 for the premium subscription, totaling $84

Rafflecopter's pricing plans run for $13/mo, $43/mo, and $84/mo. Visit our pricing page for more info.

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    Carol Pack

    Question: If I want to upgrade Rafflecopter from the middle of one month to the middle of the next month, will my upgrade last for the next 30 days, or will it end on the last day of this month, and would I be charged for next month as well. As an indie writer I need to budget every cent. 

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    Hey Carol - if you upgrade to the premium subscription for just one month, you'll have access to those premium features for the next 30 days. Here's an article that might explain this a little better:

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