How do I share my Facebook giveaway on my wall?

So your giveaway is set up on your Facebook page via the Rafflecopter Facebook app. Fantastic! Before you announce the giveaway on your Facebook page via a status update, there are a few things you should know to maximize the amount of visibility your promotion gets.

Don't share the URL in the address bar! Use the mobile-friendly link provided at the top of your Facebook page tab. 

As a limitation of Facebook, apps on Facebook page tabs aren't accessible through Facebook's mobile app the same way they are on a desktop browser. To allow those folks who want to enter your giveaway on a mobile device (and there are probably a lot of them!), they'll have to be directed via the mobile-friendly share link we provide.

Before launching and sharing your giveaway, make sure you adhere to the Facebook promotion guidelines.


When sharing a giveaway you're running on Facebook, you'll always want to use the mobile-friendly share link we provide at the top of your Facebook page tab. When you want to share the giveaway on your page via a status update, place the mobile friendly share link in your status update, delete the automated preview that appears after pasting the link and replace it with an image (recommended 500 by 400 px) and update your page.

Here's a screenshot of how to share your giveaway properly on Facebook. And here's the end result when an entrant clicks on the link - success!.



Again, if you're running a giveaway on Facebook and you're trying to spread the word, never use the URL found in your address bar when looking at the page tab. Because here's what will happen when an entrant tries to enter from their mobile device. Here's a screenshot of how *not* to share your linkNote: If your share link doesn't appear when clicking on 'share this', try clearing your browser's cache and refreshing the page.

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