What basic HTML should I know to use your Facebook app?

You don't need to know any HTML to use our app! However, there are a few HTML basics we'd love to show you below which will allow you to edit your giveaway on Facebook a bit.

To toggle between the visual and HTML editor, view your giveaway page tab and click the icon to the right of the color options in your admin bar.


Above is an example of a giveaway we've run that shows HTML we used to create graphics and text above the embedded giveaway widget (click on the image above to view a before-and-after HTML example). You're welcome to use the HTML we use in the above example by copying the HTML code here.


If you want to add an image to your Facebook page tab, you'll need to host the image somewhere in a secure location (please read: URL must start w/ https://). We recommend using a image-sharing service imgur.com. To include an image in your page tab, here's how the HTML should look:

<img src="http://i.imgur.com/i8oxoOW.jpg">


We recommend uploading an image that has a max width of 600px. If you add an image that's too big, no problem. It's still easy to change the width of your image. All you'd need to do is add a 'width attribute' to your HTML code. Change your image to 600px wide by changing

<img src="https://yourwebsite.com/your-image.png"> --> <img src="https://yourwebsite.com/your-image.png" width=600>


To spice up the look of your giveaway, you may choose to add a background image to your Facebook page tab. To do this, you'll need to host the image somewhere in a secure location (please read: URL must start w/ https://). To include a background image in your page tab, here's how the HTML should look.


Using the visual editor, you can already toggle between bold and italic font, as well as add a URL to some text w/o any HTML knowledge. If you want to center text or an image on the page, all you'd have to do is use a <center> </center> tag. For more HTML basics, there are plenty of resources online that will help you best customize your tab.


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    Caitlin O'Brient Bauer

    How do I change the footer on the fb app? Right now the text is too dark/covered by my background image. Would love to make it a solid color with white font. Any tips? Is my background image too large?

  • Avatar

    Hey Caitlin,  Can you email us at support@rafflecopter.com about this?  We'd be happy to help you out however we can :)  

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    Maureen McGowan

    I have set up a few rafflecopter giveaways on my page over the past couple of years, but I've run into a problem. The bar with the color options which allows changes etc. only flashes onto the screen and then disappears. So, I can't change any of the text and other html on the giveaway page. 

    I've even tried completely deleting the rafflecopter app from my page and re-installing it, but the same old information from a long-ago giveaway is still there. 

    Any ideas on what's going on? 

  • Avatar

    Hey Maureen -- Sorry about this issue! Can you shoot us an email at support(at)rafflecopter.com? We'd be happy to assist you further :) 

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