Can I have multiple winners to my giveaway?

Definitely! Your giveaways can have as many winners as you'd like. When the giveaway is over, simply add the number of winners you'd like by clicking the 'add a winner' button. There is zero correlation between the number of prizes you have in your giveaway & the number of winners you add.

You can have 1 prize and 1 winner, you can have 1 prize and 50 winners, you can have 50 prizes and 1 winner, or you can have 50 winners and 50 prizes. 

If you plan on rewarding different prizes to different winners, it's up to you to determine which winner gets which prize.

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    Patrick Jones

    Hi Greg, am I able to have multiple winners over time? For example I want to run a contest where I pick a winner once every day for a month. Does the raffle keep going if the time hasn't elapsed but I picked a winner and posted it? I'm sure I could test it out but I'd rather not do a live testing.

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    Hey Patrick -- you might be able to run the promotion with one entry form and choose winners on a daily basis on that form. We've had quite a few folks do that and have it work out well. The only downside to that is in order to announce the winner inside the widget, the giveaway must be completed and no longer running. You cannot announce winners on the giveaway widget and have the giveaway open and running concurrently.

    If you were to use one form, you'd still be able to choose winners, but you'd have to announce them outside of the widget (on a Facebook post or blog post) until the promotion is over. When the giveaway is over, you'll have a collection of all the entries and winners. You'd still have the option to choose more winners if you'd like. Hope that helps!

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    Patrick Jones

    Perfect, thanks for the quick response, love your product!

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    Megan Daley

    Hi Greg,

    We have 500+ winner for our contest. I have had no issues with "Add a Random Winner" button until now. When I click add a winner, it says "Couldn't pick a winner" in bolded red. Have I reached a maximum? Is this just a bug? 

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    Hey Megan,

    Can you shoot us an email at about this?  We'd be happy to look into this issue further for you. 

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