Can I share my giveaway with other bloggers / Facebook pages?

We're glad you asked! With Rafflecopter, you can share your giveaway with other bloggers or businesses so they're able to embed the giveaway on their website or Facebook page. It's one of the fun features we offer :)

To make it easy to share your widget with other blogger or Facebook page admins, give them the URL generated on the right side of your giveaway's installation page under 'Share this giveaway with other bloggers/pages'. This will allow them to access your widget code and the ability to install it on their Facebook page. Additionally, it won't give them access to your giveaway's setup or entries tab.


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    Sarah Parker

    This is not working for me.  The whole code shows, not the nice contest widget and when I follow the URL that I pasted, it takes everyone to my Rafflecopter admin page!

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    Hey Sarah - this feature isn't a share code that we recommend sharing w/ entrants. If you're running your giveaway and want to share your widget code with other bloggers or Facebook pages that are planning on running the giveaway with you, this link will give them access to a page where they can install the giveaway to their blog / Facebook page. Shoot us a message at if you need additional clarification!

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