Do you offer a 'Share on Facebook' entry option?

No way!  We don't recommend you to directly incentivize folks to share on Facebook for an entry. The reasons why we haven't included a 'share on Facebook' entry option integrated into the Rafflecopter widget is because that would be in violation of promotion rules set in place by Facebook.

Here's a great resource regarding Facebook promotion guidelines and how they pertain to Rafflecopter:

We have a 'refer a friend' feature that allows your entrants to gain points by sharing a unique URL that tracks their referrals. That's a feature that's available for our premium subscription that doesn't violate FB's terms.

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    Darryl Hardin

    Isn't this an old facebook guideline? They now allow it right?

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    Hey Darryl - Unfortunately they still don't allow incentivizing entrants with entires into a giveaway in exchange for sharing the giveaway.  If you need any further clarification please don't hesitate to shoot us an email at 

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