How can I integrate my giveaway with Mad Mimi?

It's easy!  Connect your Mad Mimi account to your giveaway by getting your Mad Mimi account's API key by following these simple steps:

  • From your giveaway's setup page, click on the 'add another option' button:

  • From the list of options, click on the 'subscribing to a mailing list' button:

  • Click on the 'select your email provider' button:

  • Choose 'Mad Mimi' from the list:

  • Enter your API credentials, and click the 'validate credentials' button.  You can locate these credentials by logging in at then clicking 'Account' in the header.  Then, in the 'Settings & Billing' section to the right, click on the 'API' tab. Make note of the 'Secret API key' that is listed.

NOTE: Please ensure you have created at least 1 list from the "Audience" tab at MadMimi before entering your API credentials into the Rafflecopter form.  Creating a MadMimi list can be done here:

  • Select your email list from the drop-down, fill out the rest of the form, and click the "save this option" button.



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