How can I integrate my giveaway with InfusionSoft?

It's easy!  Connect your InfusionSoft account to your giveaway by getting your InfusionSoft account's App ID and API Key by following these simple steps:

1) App ID:

This is the subdomain you access your admin panel with. For instance, if your admin panel is located at:

Then your app id is "ab123"

2) API Key

This can be found by following these instructions:

After entering your "App ID" and "API Key", you should then be able to click the "Validate Credentials" button.

A dropdown will appear with your InfusionSoft tags.  Choose the tag that you would like to be applied to entrants who choose to subscribe to your email list.

NOTE: you might want to create a "Rafflecopter" specific tag in your InfusionSoft admin panel before setting up your giveaway.

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