Premium Feature: VIP Support Chat

The 'VIP Support Chat' is available by upgrading to the business subscription. Rafflecopter is a startup of less than 10 working from our headquarters in beautiful downtown Boulder, CO. We offer customer support by email to all of our users (80% of support emails are answered within 8 hours) & we offer live chat to those on the premium and enterprise subscription.

If any of us are at our desks, we have live chat support open so you're able to ping us whenever you have a question or want to get in touch. While we don't have set hours, you'll usually have better luck chatting between 10am and 11pm EST (keep in mind we're on MST in the United States). You'll find us available on the weekends from time to time as well.

If no one is available, leave a message and your message will get top priority when we return.

As a premium or enterprise subscriber, you can access the VIP chat support by signing into your Rafflecopter account, clicking on the support tab on the left, and clicking on 'VIP Chat Support'.


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