Basic Feature: EZ Terms & Conditions

The 'EZ Terms and Conditions' feature is available by upgrading to the basic subscription. With some of the information you've provided through your entry option and some additional info, we'll build you a terms and conditions mock for your giveaway.

At Rafflecopter, we believe that providing terms and conditions for all your promotions is important. However, they don't have to be complicated as everyone makes them out to be. We’re providing this feature to make it easy for you to add official terms and conditions / rules for your promotions. While we are providing you with these set of guidelines, please understand that you and only you are solely responsible for your promotion's compliance with the law and the legality surrounding your promotions.


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    Ashley Judge

    This is not working for me. All i see is the box on the top right and it's blank. The left hand box does not appear for me, so i can't fill in. Please advise.

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    Hey Ashley - shoot us a message at support at rafflecopter dot com and we'll be happy to investigate. In the meantime, trying another browser might help!

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