Customize Your Giveaway: How do I add block titling to my widget?

Check it out. If you’re on any of the paid subscriptions, you can add block titling and advanced typography to your widget from your giveaway's setup page when adding a prize. If you’re looking to change your title’s font, size, bold or italics, check out the instructions and following examples below.

  •  [ ] Brackets / FONT SIZE. When you add text between brackets, this is one way you can control the size of your title’s font. The more spaces you add in between the brackets, the smaller the font in the title will become. Click here to check out the following screenshot for examples of different font sizes.
  • _ _ Underscores / ITALICS. When you add text between underscores, this is how you add italics to your copy.
  • * * Asterisks / BOLD. When you add text between asterisks, this is how you bold your copy.
  • CAPITALIZE vs lower-case. This is a design decision you’d have to make. Capitalizing copy can bring a title together. Play around with it!
  • Adding blank lines. If you add a blank line, you can add spacing between lines in your title.

Additionally, click here for a screenshot that will help visualize what each of these do.

Here are five examples of giveaway widget titles and the titles that were used to create them: 

Example 1 Image | Example 1 Title
Example 2 Image | Example 2 Title
Example 3 Image | Example 3 Title
Example 4 Image | Example 4 Title
Example 5 Image | Example 5 Title

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    Thank you very much for this article... Seriously, you need to make this information more visible, I don´t think that a little post on the knowledge base is sufficient.. I did ask you for a refund because of this before the post existed. Still... it is a shame your editor does not include this configurations. Very, very nice customer care though. Could not be faster and more polite.

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    Thanks Borja - we have plans to make this part of the app much better. There's clearly room for improvement. Glad this article was helpful!

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    julie spiegler

    I can't made head nor tails out of how the line spacing works. I thought I had everything just as I wanted (and it looks great in the Preview), but the last line of text (which wraps over three lines when displayed) has giant blank lines inserted between in line. Why, why why?

    I have a Basic account with one template, but it happens both with the standard template as well as the customized template. Is there some sort of "magic number" of lines of text I should be using (this image certainly implies there is some embedded blank spaces in the template that we can't directly control: Thanks.

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    Hey Julie -- Thanks for reaching out about this. Can you shoot us an email at Our support team would be happy to assist you with this further! 

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