Are my daily entries being tallied?

Yes! But right now, Rafflecopter isn't set up for daily entries to go above the total # of entries displayed on the top right of the widget. Meaning if you complete all the entries the first day in a giveaway where there are daily entry options, when you come back tomorrow, it'll appear as if you haven't completed them all.

Suppose there are 30 days in a giveaway and there's a daily tweet entry option worth +1 and a follow on twitter entry option worth +1. At the end of the 30 days, if you've tweeted every day and follow on twitter, you'll have +31 entries recorded in the system (the blogger will be able to see that), but the entry form will show +2 still b/c the daily entry resets each day.

We haven't built the functionality to tally and show total entries/possible entries w/ giveaways having the daily entry option method. But rest assured, all entries are being tallied.

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