I'm trying to do something on your site and it seems broken!

Read this info below! For the best experience, we recommend making sure that your browser is up to date. We love and recommend Google Chrome and Firefox as browser of choice. If you're using IE7 or IE8 (Internet Explorer 7 or 8), your browser is 6 years old :( Updating to a newer version of IE or switching to Chrome or Firefox is highly recommended. Our admin dashboard supports IE9+, though you should be using IE11 for best experience.

If you're on an up-to-date browser, there's a good chance that clearing your browser cache will help. We recommend signing out of your Rafflecopter account, clearing your browser cache and signing back in. Here's a page that describes how to do that depending on what browser you're using.

If trying another browser or clearing your cache hasn't helped, it's possible that you've found a bug! If you think that's the case, please contact us at support@rafflecopter.com and we'll be happy to look into it for you.

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