Help - I'm using WordPress and I can't see my widget!

9 times out of 10, this information will help! If you're having trouble seeing your Rafflecopter widget on your WordPress blog, you've come to the right place. These 5 steps below will more than likely help you figure out why your widget isn't appearing:

  1. First, when adding your giveaway to your post, make sure that the Rafflecopter widget code is placed in the ‘text’ editor... not the ‘visual’ editor.
  2. If you're trying to view the widget in 'preview' mode, you won't necessarily see the widget appear. You’ll have to either refresh the preview page several times or publish the post. Much like when you embed a YouTube video (and other javascript embeds), the Rafflecopter widget doesn’t appear in preview mode 100% of the time.
  3. If you host your blog with for free, one of their limitations is they won't let you post javascript code (including the Rafflecopter widget code) unless you're hosting elsewhere. Learn more about this on's support page. Just because you own your own domain doesn't necessarily mean you don't host with - it's possible to own your own domain and host with
  4. Your WordPress user role must be set at an 'admin' or an 'editor' level for you to post unfiltered HTML, which includes the Rafflecopter widget. Admins can view and change user roles in your WordPress dashboard under 'Users'. If you don't have admin or editor access to the blog you're posting on (for example, maybe you're a guest author), you won't be able to post the widget.
  5. Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of WordPress (currently 4.9.4). There have been bugs with version 3.5 & 3.9 (and other older versions) associated with embeddable javascript.

If after all of that your widget still doesn't appear, go to the post where you're trying to paste the widget. Delete the code, and save the post. Then, sign into your Rafflecopter account, go to the giveaway you're running, and copy and paste the widget code directly into the ‘text’ tab again and immediately publish the post.

There have also been known issues with the following WordPress plugins. We recommend either deactivating or updating them to their most current version:

  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP HTML Compression
  • WP Minify
  • WP Absolute To Relative URLs
  • Extend Links to New Window Plugin
  • Broken Links Remover
  • Media Grid
  • Hikari Email & URL Obfuscator
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    Hallie Sovesky

    Will the contest be mobile friendly if I post through my Wordpress blog?

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    Hey Hallie - Yup!  The widget itself is usable on mobile devices, however, some mobile optimized themes have been known to not play nice with the widget.  Feel free to email us at with any other questions :)

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