Can I use the Rafflecopter widget with React.js?

Yep! React is great and using it with the Rafflecopter widget is fairly straightforward.

Here's a React component that will render a Rafflecopter widget:

var Giveaway = React.createClass({

  componentDidMount: function() {
    var script = document.createElement("script")
    script.src = ""

    render: function() {
    return (
      <a className="rcptr" data-raflid={} href="{}/" data-theme="classic" data-template={this.props.template}  rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway</a>


The component takes in one mandatory prop (id) and one optional prop (template), which you can find by locating thedata-raflid and data-template portions of the standard Rafflecopter embed code.

This example will render the widget from our tour page:

// Be sure to use your own giveaway and template here
  template="546f72a0464e2ee08b9c6f41" />

... or without a template:

<Giveaway id="sdkdemo2" />

Check out a full working demo on JSFiddle. You can even modify it inline and test it live!

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